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FPSO Engine Room Damper Replacement

Flamgard-Calidair CFD-01 A60 Fire Dampers
FPSO Engine Room Damper Replacement


Oceania Engineering Services (OES) provide specialist HVAC&R service and maintenance to a number of Australian offshore facilities. In conjunction with our industry partner Flamgard-Calidair, we are currently undertaking the replacement of two huge FPSO engine room dampers.

The Flamgard CFD-01 high-integrity fire dampers are vital safety equipment installed into ducting ventilation systems to prevent the passage of fire and/or smoke at the point the ductwork penetrates a fire division within an installation.

Flamgard-Calidair have been manufacturing high integrity dampers for over 60 years in the global petrochemical, oil & gas, marine, nuclear, tunnel, metro & power generation market sectors. OES proudly represent these products within Australia for offshore, marine, energy & resources projects.

For any enquiries, please contact, or for product details on the full range of Flamgard-Calidair products, please follow this link.



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