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Zone 2 Air Cooled Condensing Unit Modifications

Oceania Engineering Services (OES) provide specialist HVAC&R service and maintenance to a number of Australian offshore facilities. OES were recently engaged to provide critical reliability upgrades and repairs to two sets of Air-Cooled Condensing Units for an offshore LNG platform in the North West Shelf of Australia.

This time critical project required close liaison with our client, working together to achieve an expedited build in the midst of pandemic-created supply chain issues.

The modification scope addressed several key areas, including:

- full coil replacement on both units, including local fabrication and Blygold coating for one of the V-block coils;

- replacement of all condenser fans to address vibration issues;

- pipework repairs, vessel replacement, flexible connection replacements to address refrigerant leaks;

- full factory acceptance testing, including one-hour run tests.

Quality and traceability requirements for the project were to the highest standard, including:

- detailed inspection & test plan;

- weld procedures, qualifications and reports;

- Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) procedures and reports;

- material traceability to EN 10204 type 3.1;

- pressure testing procedures and reports;

- noise, vibration and balancing reports;

- comprehensive Manufacturing Data Report.

In the current landscape of pandemic interrupted supply chains, material shortages and logistical challenges, project success is greatly influenced by the strength and capability of an organisations key suppliers. Special acknowledgement is given to Coldwright Australia, Blygold WA, Unique Metal Works and R&L Hiabs who all bought into the critical turnaround time for their respective scopes, thus ensuring a successful project outcome for OES and our client.


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