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In our industries, HVAC&R plant is safety and process critical. Proper service & maintenance is key to safe, reliable operation and for the protection of both the asset and its personnel. Our team of dedicated HVAC engineers and technicians are multi-skilled in mechanical, electrical, PLC/Controls, refrigeration and air conditioning.


Commissioning is a vital phase in the HVAC&R life cycle. If a system is not commissioned correctly it can lead to early component failure and breakdown, along with inefficient or unsafe operation.


Our commissioning technicians possess the knowledge and experience to ensure all systems are checked and function tested correctly, ready for field operation. 


Site surveys offer significant operational benefit in understanding the condition of HVAC plant and equipment, identifying when the systems and components require maintenance, upgrading or even replacement.  

Our site surveys provide a detailed condition report along with recommendations to ensure that the optimum performance is achieved and any preventative or corrective actions are addressed.


OES offer a full suite of HVAC&R equipment, including custom manufacture along with supply from all major manufacturers. We hold strategic partnerships with premier manufacturers Carrier Marine & Offshore (for AHU's, FCU's, chillers etc), Flamgard-Calidair (for fire & gas dampers, blast dampers etc) and Woodcock & Wilson (for all fan types, including ATEX & IECEx). 


We offer an end-to-end procurement service for all HVAC and Refrigeration equipment, parts and components from industry leading providers. We also supply refrigerant oils and gases in compliance with the Australian Refrigeration Council and relevant refrigerant gas directives.


Oceania Engineering Services can supply highly competent in-house engineers coupled with dedicated project management personnel providing:

  • Solutions for all Greenfield and Brownfield HVAC projects.

  • Equipment rectification / upgrade proposals.

  • Specialists in offshore, marine and petrochemical environments.

  • Front End Engineering Design (FEED).


The transition from commissioning to operations is a critical period. Acting as a third party, OES offer unbiased assessment and management of the commissioning sign off and handover processes, along with punch list management services, providing mediation and coordination between project stakeholders to ensure the installation meets the required project specifications, class approvals and industry standards.

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