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Oceania successfully complete Wandoo B Living Quarters Extension Project

Oceania Engineering Services (OES) undertook the Wandoo B XLQ Living Quarters Extension project from conceptual engineering through to manufacture and offshore commissioning on behalf of Vermilion Oil & Gas Australia (VOGA).

The Wandoo field lies approximately 80 km North West of Karratha, offshore Western Australia. The project entailed an additional 30 man living quarters fabricated by Ferguson Modular, UK with OES main plant equipment being integrated to the LQ during the offshore phase.

OES were involved in the project from the outset, initially providing the conceptual engineering during the project development phase, followed by the detailed system and equipment design phases. The main HVAC plant was to be installed on the deck of the platform, exposed to highly corrosive offshore environment for the 20 year operational life, with strict size and weight limitations on the equipment. OES specialist engineers developed and delivered an engineering solution exceeding the customer's expectation.

The equipment was custom manufactured in-house at our West Australian base, comprising bespoke air handling units, packaged air-cooled chiller complete with pumps, extract fan skid and HVAC system control & starter panel.

As the equipment could only be integrated in to the LQ during the offshore phase, OES undertook full system testing at our factory. Creating a water loop and introducing simulated heat sources, a full performance test was successfully completed.

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