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Woodside Greater Enfield Development - Project Update

Oceania Engineering Services, in conjunction with our partners Carrier Marine & Offshore and Flamgard Calidair, have successfully delivered the HVAC equipment for the Engine Control Room of the Ngujima-Yin FPSO as part of Woodside's Greater Enfield Development.

This is an exciting project for OES, marking both our first project with Aibel Pte Ltd as well as our first opportunity to showcase the suite of industry leading custom manufactured equipment afforded by our new strategic partnerships.

The Engine Control Room is served by customised DX Fan Coil Units and an associated Water-Cooled Condensing Unit skid and protected by CFD-01 Fire Dampers. The whole system is controlled by a bespoke HVAC Control & Starter Panel.

With the equipment supplied to site, we are looking forward to the next phase of the project as we mobilise to Keppel Shipyard for the installation and commissioning works.

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